Rant about Leaders and Wars and their Tyrannies

I’m watching this documentary about the Sri Lankan Killing fields from the civil war in about year 2009. The main leader who had the most power practically shot civillians and didn’t care who he shot as long as it helped him remain in power.
I have come to the conclusion that the causes of war are largely contributed to the man gender mentality. Throughout history men have ruled the world. Period. I don’t care what you say, the majority of the times men have ruled the world. women were in the background usefull for raising kids sex and making food. That is the main problem. Men tend to be less emotional than women ( idc what your yahoo news tells you its full of pseudoscience ) and tend to be very how should I say…hedonistic prideful vain creatures.
A very big generalization but look back at history and tell me I’m lying. This is a big reason why there should be women presidents especially in powerful leading nations. Not only are we more emotional or evoke more emotions if you want to say but in a sense more sensitized. It would only make sense, it’s not everyday you hear of women who play Halo reach or Project Blackout and other first person shooters. That is geared towards more masculine machismo but hey they are fun to play.

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